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Hair Grafts – Follicle Transplantation Pittsburgh

Published on May 8, 2015 by
Hair Grafts Pittsburgh

Hair loss can be an embarrassing and demoralizing process. We all want to restore our hair, but not all of us are taking action. With hair grafts, a patient is able to restore their beautiful head of hair.

During the NeoGraft hair grafting process, numerous follicles will be moved to ensure thorough scalp coverage. 250 centimeters of scalp are covered during a typical NeoGraft treatment. Because one square centimeter of scalp requires around 100 grafts, the amount of follicles required to cover 250 centimeters is roughly 2,500 hair grafts.

To find out if hair grafts are right for you, speak with Dr. Brian Heil, a board-certified plastic surgeon serving the Pittsburgh region. Arrange a consultation with Dr. Heil by contacting our office.

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