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Hair Loss – Pittsburgh NeoGraft Restoration

Published on April 2, 2015 by
Hair Loss Pittsburgh

Hair loss results in thinned areas on the scalp, bald spots, and even complete baldness. To restore thinning or bald patches to their former glory, many patients come in for NeoGraft hair restoration treatments.

While hair loss has many potential causes, by far the most frequent reason for it is its existence in one’s family history. When hair loss is triggered genetically in this way, it’s known as androgenetic alopecia. This condition is responsible for approximately 95% of hair loss cases.

Contact us today to arrange an appointment for a consultation regarding hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, or any other hair-related concerns you may have. At your consultation, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Heil will answer your hair-transplantation questions and more.

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