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NeoGraft Preparation – Pittsburgh Haircut

Published on August 7, 2015 by
NeoGraft Preparation Pittsburgh

Have you experienced noticeable hair loss and are interested in a proven solution? Your optimal hair-restoration choice is the NeoGraft procedure. It’s vital that you follow our instructions for the NeoGraft preparation process.

During the NeoGraft preparation process, it will be helpful for you to get a short haircut. This is not a strict requirement for your NeoGraft procedure, but it will aid in delivering better results and is recommended. If you have longer hairs in the region where the follicles are being harvested, they may need to be cut short during the process.

Find out more about NeoGraft preparation and the details of the procedure itself – contact our office and set up an appointment for a consultation. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Heil has helped numerous patients achieve a full, thick head of hair.

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