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Hair Restoration Pittsburgh

Hair Restoration Procedure

The most advanced hair transplant device and procedure on the market is called NeoGraft. With over ten years of experience in hair restoration, Pittsburgh residents can enjoy a quicker recovery, more grafts and no scars with this new automated technology offered by the expert staff at Premier Plastic Surgery.

Why You Should Choose NeoGraft

This procedure offers the kind of results that men and women with baldness and thinning hair have been hoping for. The automated FUE technique used with this treatment is very different from the traditional linear strip method. Many hair restoration clinics still rely on those outdated procedures. Their patients are missing out on some tremendous advantages:

  • Shorter, less invasive treatments
  • No visible scar in the donor area, even with short hair
  • Fast post-operation recovery

The advanced technology used during this procedure will not only save you operation and recovery time, it will save you money. Results can be achieved more efficiently and with less equipment. Save money and enjoy the advantages of using Premier Plastic Surgery for your hair restoration. Premier Plastic Surgery is recognized as the Neograft Center of Excellence for Western Pennsylvania.

How Do I Know If I am a Suitable Candidate?

Not everyone will qualify for treatment with NeoGraft. Men and women with enough available donor hair on the back of their scalp to transplant to the balding areas will meet the basic requirements. However, the best candidates will have only partial hair loss in their frontal balding areas and they must possess adequate donor hair.

Why You Should Come to Premier Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeons have the right kind of experience to fall back on when they transition to hair restoration procedures. Cosmetic specialists often deal with scalp reconstruction and thus have a deep understanding of the delicate blood supply and other complications with this part of the body.

Finding the right specialist is the best way to achieve great results from a hair restoration. Dr. Brian V. Heil and his team have over 10 years of experience with hair restoration. Patients have turned to his team to provide successful aesthetic procedures for years. They changed the lives of thousands of patients and maintained a very high success rate by carefully choosing patients, providing in-depth consultations and meticulously planning his surgeries.

Call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Heil. He will assess your needs and help create a plan to achieve the results you desire.